FÉRIQUE Funds is a family of mutual funds offered primarily to engineers and engineering grads, their families and their businesses. The Funds stand out in particular for their competitive management fees.

Sustainability report

2022 edition

2021 edition

Annual report

2022 edition

RRSP advertising campaign

Electronique advertisement


Print advertisement

Corporate advertisements for the FÉRIQUE Portfolios

Promotional video

Print advertisement

Advertisement for a digital platform

Series of corporate advertisements

Design and writing

Advertising campaign for a new mutual fund

Design and writing

Sales brochures

Corporate brochure | Design and writing

Information brochure on retirement income solutions | Design and writing

Communication plan

In 2013, Gestion FÉRIQUE proceeded with a major restructuring of its service platform. Contractuelle worked closely on this project, developing the communication plan as well as content tailored for different target audiences. Due to client confidentiality, however, we are not able to display the initiatives put forward as part of this communication plan.

Corporate advertising

Creation of a series of five brand ads

Thematic advertising

Advertisements designs for events, initiatives or specific projects


Design of the FÉRIQUE Express newsletter distributed monthly by email

Greeting card

Positioning campaign

Development of content for a series of videos about the company’s competitive advantages. (Production: Sébastien Denault for Halogen Filmshop)

“What is FÉRIQUE?” video

“How to choose a mutual fund” video

“What is a good return?” video

“Management fees and performance” video

“What makes a good advisor?” video

“What is responsible investment?” video

Group RRSP campaign

Writing, design and integration of microsite

Writing, design and production of a brochure for employers

Writing, design and production of a brochure for employers

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